This article poses a great question.

Recently Peking University issued awards for the “2006 Most Influential Chinese Person.”

Eleven Chinese who made outstanding contributions to promoting China’s image internationally were recognized.

Winners came from the sciences, culture, music and sports but…one person got all the attention…Zhang Ziyi.

The China Youth Daily asks – “Why do Chinese youth and media obssess with chasing pop or movie celebrities, but ignore scientists whose contributions may have changed the world?”

This is a great question and one worthy of discussion?

Who invented the microchip? What about the ballpoint pen? Who came up with the idea to dig a hole through a mountain instead of going around it? Who invented the paper clip? And who made the first batch of brownies?

Seriously, there are much more important people than those who entertain us? Why do they NOT get the same attention?

Author Bill Belew is also featured in Prachesta Magazine. Here is the Interview.

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  • MARK says:

    Is this not human nature in general? Why pick on the Chinese for being guilty of being absessed with beauty? Can you point out a culture that is not?

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