This scenario would make a great flick…Spider-Man vs. China’s best kung fu fighters…maybe Jet Li, even the aging Jackie Chan or young and beautiful Zhang Ziyi.

For now…the battle will take place in the box office.

Peter Parker, Marvel Comics, Tobey Maquire, Kirsten Dundst, and Sony Pictures are taking on three Chinese movies, “Ming Ming”, “Shanghai Red”, yup, and “Kung Fu Fighter” for viewership in China today…the release date for Spider-Man 3 in China.spider%20man%203.jpg

The Chinese are in the midst of the May Day celebrations and have plenty of time to take in Spidey and his conflict with personal demons.

The China Film Group Corp., which brought Spider-Man 3 to China, legally, has 520 copies – another most ever – for a foreign film in China.

Another first…China is giving audiences the option of watching the movie in its original edition with subtitles or a dubbed version.

I’ll take the original.

Will Spider-Man 3 be bigger than the Titanic? And if so, what will Titanic makers counter with?

Movie goers are going to win all of these battles, no?


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