Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.



At the 15th Annual Conference of the Committee of 100, Thomas Friedman, NY Times Columnist, received the Headline Award for his contribution to Asian Businesses through his writing.

Friedman was the keynote speaker for the Friday evening gala event. I sat in a small room, was given a nice dinner and watched/listened to his speech on a flat screen Samsung TV.

Friedman introduced the key points of his upcoming book, “The New Middle Class.”

The new middle class, Friedman says, will be made up of workers in 8 fields. They are:

1. The Great Collaborators – people who can tie things together, even people of different cultures.

2. The Great Leveragers – people who know how to leverage technology to meet needs.

3. The Great Synthesizers – people who can connect the dots. He gave an excellent example of the IPOD – a combination MP3 player, downloading music from the Internet and mass produced in China.

4.  The Great Localizers – people who can use technology to start businesses from their garages = bring global resources to their neighborhood.

5.  Passionate Personalizers – people who can make people excited about simple/everyday things/anything.

6.  Anything Green – if it good for the environment, it has a future. “Tell your kids to find a green job,” Friedman said.

7. The Great Explainers – people who can explain and make sense of it all, teachers, online media (That’s me!)

8.  The Great Adapters – the people who train for the Olympics but don’t know what event they will participate – the people who are really flexible in many fields.

And then Friedman said something very interesting – “It is the Chinese-American who will be the big winner in the new middle class.” The Chinese-American can meet/excel at any and all of these fields.

The Chinese inclination for hard work coupled with the US ability to innovate = success.

Question: Do you agree?

Question: Is the Chinese/American the ONLY group that is headed for success?

I think not.  The bi-cultural, multi-cultural individual is the one who is likely to succeed in my book, not just the Chinese.

What do you think?


Talk to Bill and others about their experiences raising bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.

Author Bill Belew is also featured in Prachesta Magazine. Here is the Interview.

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  • ellenweber says:

    Bill I am grateful for the way you and Friedman think globally. I find myself looking at your words lots — just because they keep me looking at the bigger picture. Did Gary get back yet? You did it again Bill — and thanks!

  • panasianbiz says:

    Thanks for reading, Ellen.
    I talked Gary once and he said he would get back to me, but has not as of yet. I plan to follow up this week.

  • Helen Wang says:

    Thank you for sharing Tom Friedman’s talk about his coming book. Is the book about US middle class or middle class in general?

  • Sam_vaziri says:

    MR.Friedman, I Wish I could Have your e-mail address to talk to you about some matters.I’ve read your article about the role of Saudi Arabia and Iran and your comparison of these two countries.Beside the mistake of US government towards misjudging about these two countries (A & B as u mentioned).

    I really wish to have contact with you. Please email me thank you ; I cannot find you Email address thanks.My email address :
    THANK YOU Im waiting.

  • Punnee Soonthornpoct says:

    I am trying to get in touch with you after reading your book “The World is Flat”. I think you wrote it excellently. I am not quite sure you are the same Thomas Friedman who went to Cambodia in late 1960s (1968?). I was a young lady from Plant Pathology Department who accompanied you through out the rice growing regions. I would like to send you my book about Cambodian political history published last year. If you have been to Cambodia and remember me please answer my e-mail. If not, please disregard this e-mail. Thank you. My e-mail address is

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