Dr. Wonhyuk Lim of the Brookings Institution recently spoke on a panel at UC San Francisco about doing business in China, Korea and NorthEast Asia.

Dr. Kim mentioned something I found very interesting.

There are two elements of Northeast Asian activity that the US should be anxious about.

1. The possibility of an eruption of energy resource wars in Asia.

2. The possibility of a formation of an Asia regional body to govern energy resouces at the exclusion of the US.

Dr. Kim maintains that global economies are interconnected and no country should suffer energy insecurities at the expense of another country.

Consequently – he says, it is important to have discussion about energy security issues, privileged access to energy resources and the establishment of strategic oil reserves in Asia – especially China.

If China is denied energy, the possibility of China dealing with rogue regimes becomes quite possible – thus China should be given some breathing room.

Further, Dr. Lim suggests that the US should be proactive in establishing a regional cooperation body unless one is established and Washington is left out.

Lots of food for thought here.

What do you think?

Please let Dr. Lim know, too – wlim@brookings.edu

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