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9-year old look at Mal’s Diary

Mal's Diary of Disney's Descendants

Mal’s Diary of Disney’s Descendants

Mal’s Diary is about the first Descendants movie.

The stars of this novel are, Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, and Ben.

They live on the Isle of the lost. ( The Isle is for villains, like Maleficent, The Evil Queen, and Ursula, etc……)

After 16 years on the Isle, they go to cheerful Audron.

Their plot is to steal the the Fairy Godmother’s wand and take down the barrier on the Isle so evil can rule the world.

( Evil laugh!!!!!)

They turn good and give it back, but, their parents pop in and take the wand!!!!

Spoiler Alert

In the end Mal’s mom is a newt, and the evil people get sent back to the Isle.

After all good rules!!!

Mia’s Opinion 

This book is good and fun because there is a lot of adventure.

I really liked it because it answers my questions of what happened next in the lives of the princesses and their descendants.

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                                                    GOOD IS THE NEW BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Bill Belew is also featured in Prachesta Magazine. Here is the Interview.

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