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India became the no1 test team after beating Srilanka in the 3rd test at Mumbai.


India has now 124 points with South Africa in the 2nd spot with 122 points and Australia on 3rd spot with 116 points.


The ICC cricket rankings for both, the ODIs and the test matches started in 2001. Ever since that time, the Aussies have been able to maintain their number one ranking for most of those eight years. Apart from the Aussies, the South Africans were finally able to snatch the top spot away in the last one year or so, as the Australians lost out on a barrage of their key personnel. In turn, they lost a home series to South Africa.


Move over Australia and South Africa, for now though. It is India which has finally managed to achieve the top spot in the test match rankings, after beating the Sri Lankan side in the home series by a comfortable 2-0 margin. What may not have assisted the rankings, but, in all probabilities the morale of the Indian side for the rest of the tour – two T20Is and five ODIs – to follow, is the fact that both the wins for India were one-sided, and by a margin of innings.


Adding salt to the Sri Lankan wounds is also a record that they have managed not to overturn – they have yet to win a single test match in India. In the 17 games that the Lankans have played in the country, they have managed to lose ten, and draw the other seven. These ten losses includes eight losses by a margin of innings, and two others by around 200 runs, which shows the Indians have dominated the Lankans at home.


The whole of India was obviously proud of the achievement, none more than the players themselves. Former Indian captain and commentator, Sunil Gavaskar said, “I think Sachin was probably dying for this day. He started in 1989 and has completed 20 years in international cricket.” According to both, captain MS Dhoni and the coach, Gary Kirstein, it was an 18-month long process. Dhoni said, “It was a constant process for the last 18 months. Whatever test cricket we have played we have played really well”

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  • Abhijeet Mathur says:

    Indians played like the champions in the last two test matches……really a deserved team to be the world’s best test team……


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