Chairman Mao would be proud…another revolution is taking place.

Shandong province has vowed, mind you, to build “4-star” toilets to attract or, um, give tourists some relief when they travel to the area.

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Eco-friendly…mother-and-baby friendly are the buzz words.

Waist high tables…um…does China know this has been going on in the US for a long time…and that they can be found in the men’s restrooms as well…though I have NEVER seen one used before…the table that is.

One “Five star” toilet hums light music and has paintings on the wall and has pots…flowerpots. The pot behind the door is the main attraction.

One of the 93 million Wangs is quoted as saying, “Toilets are the mirror of a region’s civilization.”

That being the case there are a whole lot of places that are nothing more than …t holes, I think.

Shangdong’s revolution is 350 luxury potties strong and 1,000 more are planned over the next five years.

Survey says! Only 50% of Chinese are satisfied with domestic public toilets and just 3% of foreign visitors like what they see…in the johns.

Shandong’s “pits under the shed”, searchable by smell when they cannot be seen are among the worst…until now…there’s a revolution going on.

Hometown to Confucius, Shandong had 167 million tourists in 2006, and 1.93 million overseas.

Have you ever visited a gross toilet in a foreign country?

Author Bill Belew is also featured in Prachesta Magazine. Here is the Interview.

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