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China’s favorite athlete and giant, Yao Ming, is planning to marry his fiancee’ and live in girl-friend, Ye Li, a player on the Chinese Women’s Basketball team.

The wedding will be in August of this year.

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Parenting Chinese-American Kids

Yao’s schedule requires him to complete practices in July, says the Houston Rocket’s manager. After that…Yao and Ye are free until he joins the national team for exercises and warm-up matches in September.

Apparently someone thought to ask the Houston Rockets’ manager if Yao would be able to maintain his fitness and all…you know…getting married and

The response, “Yao will look after himself well and do all of the necessary exercises during the summer vacation to tune up his physical fitness.”

Well…if Yao is getting married in August, I don’t think he is going to be concentrating on


But then, I have been wrong before and will surely be wrong again.

Are you a Yao Ming fan?

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