Book 1

The Giant Forest

Chapter Book for Parents and Grandparents of Preteens Who Love to Read

Five friends, get lost in a forest. Each must find themselves, then find one another before they can find their way home.

All the time the Bunch are battling giants while ‘they’ are watching.

Mia and I loved working on this book together – our first try. We hope you enjoy reading it and discussing the layers and fine points as much as we enjoyed putting the book together.

There is a young preacher in Uganda who is reading the book to the orphan boys and girls that he oversees, going chapter by chapter and diving into the discussion questions at the end to talk ‘life.’  How cool is that?   Of course, we gave them copies for free.

Another children’s ministry in Nigeria and a 3rd in the heart of India are using it.

Who else is going to read our book and how? We can’t wait to find out.

Praise for the book

“Wow!!! This is no small feat. Awesome. Bravo to you and Mia for this. It can serve as a whole project for kids development.”

OA - Children's ministry leader in Lagos

“Your books are good!”

TJV - Orphanage director in Uganda.

“Each chapter flows to the next seamlessly. It a fun romp and a diversion from the stress of today. Good read!”

RD - Adventure Writer/Best Seller - Silicon Valley, CA.

Book 2

The Heliuna Academy

In Book One of the series – The Giant Forest, the story takes place in the present with flashbacks. In Book Two – the story again takes place in the present but this time with flash forwards.
Aimi and her new friends go off to middle school. It doesn’t take long before her new school runs into problems with unicorns. No, not those kinds of unicorns. The other kind.
Aimi and her friends must use all the skills and resourcefulness that a group of 6th graders can muster to take on suits and engineers with the best degrees that money can buy and more money than you can imagine.
But, will their efforts be enough this time?

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