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Adventure novel for preteens.

Giant Forest. Is this a forest that is really large or is it a forest with giants in it … or both? Only the reader knows.

What you can know BEFORE reading is that there are no magic, time warps, dragons and other imagination stretchers. The story is fully believable, all possible and hopefully just good storytelling.

Why Write a Novel for Preteens

I am the dad of a preteen. This is my attempt at writing a novel with completely original characters, believable actions and reasonable outcomes.

I want to keep it true-to-life, something that she and her friends may actually experience … yet still be a stretch.

Doable? I am 24 parts (18+K words) in and so far so good … I think. Thanks for reading.

Novel for Middle Schoolers

This book is designed for preteens (middle schoolers) to read on their own or perhaps have a parent or grandparent read to them.

I go for metaphorical language that teaches without preaching. If I have to explain what it means, I didn’t tell the story well.

My hope is that the reader will stop and think from time … “That’s kind of like …”

In every case, I hope that the reader will see that there are lessons to be learned from the most unlikely of places … and … teachers.

Click to => Get the Book – The Giant Forest – Chapter Book for Parents and Grandparents of Preteens Who Love to Read.

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