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We crack up every time we hear this version of this song in the car on our way to school.

These Lyrics Crack Us Up

Daddy and I love to listen to the Disney channel on Pandora.

It’s interesting that we get to hear different versions of the same song …

  • Broadway
  • Soundtrack
  • Movie
  • Imitators
  • Recording

This version of the song – Trashing the Camp – might be our favorite. At least, it’s daddy’s favorite.

One Line is Better Than All Others

There is one line that is indeed is most favorite – not Whop whop de whop or doo bop she bop.

You can watch the whole video here from Trashing the Camp – Daddy’s Favorite

Daddy’s favorite part comes right around 1 minute and 25-26 secs.

It’s a crack up and I just love seeing daddy crack up … and mimic the lyric. He does a really good job of it, too.

My Cheeks Are Soft but …

My cheeks are soft enough but my voice isn’t deep enough.

Daddy says that the best part of this lyric is it’s contribution to the whole song. And, there’s proof that there is music just about anywhere.

Speaking of which … there’s another song with some great lyrics that daddy and I like. Sounds (heeheehee) like I have something else that I need to write about.

Question: What’s your favorite lyric in a Disney song?

Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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