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I, the daddy, Bill Belew was born and raised in America. I lived in the US until I graduated from college.

Asian Writing Dad

Bi-cultural Dad

I then traveled the world, sorta, paid for by Uncle Sam and returned in like by my service in the US Navy.

The Navy took me to Japan where I married and settled down for nearly 20 years. Our home was on the ‘backside’ of Japan, Niigata Prefecture.

It is there where we raised our two sons, Benjamin and Micah, who are both completely bi-cultural. That is, they are completely functional in both cultures. What they haven’t experienced yet, they can with confidence face going forward.

This web site is about raising bi-cultural kids … my two Japanese – American boys – been there done that – and our little Chinese – American girl, the other principal writer here, Mia Mei.

Got experiences raising kids in more than one culture? Please share. I love a good war story.

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