A Little Princess - the Classic

A Little Princess – the Classic


A Little Princess is about a little girl who is born in India.

Her mom and dad die, and she is left as a poor servant at her school.

She has a great imagination, and makes up stories to tell to her other friends.

Her life is terrible, and she sleeps in an old attic.

After 5 years, she meets her dad’s old friend and he gives her her dad’s fortune: diamonds!

Her life changes for the better and she becomes richer than a princess!

Mia’s Opinion of this Classic 

It is a really good book, and I do suggest reading it. In fact it is so good I read it twice. But the funny thing is I didn’t realize I had read it twice until I was almost done reading it the second time!

My favorite part was I enjoyed how vivid her imagination was. Even in a hard life, she could find enjoyment.

It is about 139 pages long.

Have a fun time reading this book!!!!!

And maybe your imagination will grow, too!

Thank you for reading. Please tell me your opinion of this book in the comments!



One Comment

  • Mia Belew says:

    It’s worth waiting (yesterday I said I couldn’t wait to read your next posting). Another happy ending – we like stories with a happy ending, don’t we?
    Sometimes I wish I could read as much as you do. You really are a good reader. I admire that.


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