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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural Japanese-American boys, now 34- and 30-years old. He and his wife are now raising a Chinese-American girl who is 8.

Everybody wants to know about Neel Kashkari. What they really want to know is what he plans to do with the $700 billion he has been put in charge of. For now – what we do know.

Asian-American Children in Silicon Valley

Asian-American Children in Silicon Valley

1. Kashkari‘s 35-years old. Just a young pup.

2. Kashkari was born in Stow, OH.* Stow is nowhere, located between Cleveland and Akron in Ohio’s Northeast.

3. Kashkari worked as the Treasury’s assistant secretary for international affairs.

4. Kashkari spent the last two years examining the consequences of an economic housing fallout.

5. Kashkari was one of the triumvirate “including general counsel Robert Hoyt and head of legislative affairs Kevin Fromer–who stayed up until 4 a.m.” working on the bailout/rescue bill.

6. Kashkari used to be a Goldman Sachs banker.

7. Paulson hand picked him from Goldman’s San Francisco technology banking effort to join the Treasury.

8. Kashkari got his B.A and M.A. in engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

9. Kashkari earned his M.B.A. at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

10. Kashkari worked on the James Webb Telescope, the replacementto Hubble.

11. Paulson is comfortable with Kashkari.

12. Kashkari and his wife, Minal live in California.

13. Kashkari is Indian-American.




Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.


  • C.Jaisinghani says:

    I did leave a comment.

  • papple says:

    Oh brother – This guy was like 14 years old when we had the last big Stock Market Melt down. (1987) Is this the best we have ?

  • Edward says:

    First of all, Stow is not ‘nowhere’ as Bill put it, but a very friendly, more upscale town with middle to upper income families in a suburb near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It borders Hudson and Silver Lake which are also neighborhoods or wealth. Stow’s high school, although public, is rated as one of the top public schools in Ohio, so it isn’t strange that his Indian parents chose Stow for the child’s education (later he attended Western Reserve Academy in nearby Hudson). Stow used to be mostly farmland and horse ranches until homes began to constructed for the increasing move to the suburbs of Summit County such as Stow. It has a hike and bike trail (fully paved) that runs along the Cuyahoga River, as well as many golf courses including the newest and most expensive Roses Run Country Club. Neel grew up close to Silver Lake Country Club. Stow is a beautiful place to have lived.

  • RV says:

    Another report says he and his wife live in Maryland. More likely for an ex-Goldman Sachser.

  • Michael says:

    Would you like 700 Billion purple squishees?

  • retaish says:

    14th kashkari means a farmer in kashmiri language

  • JohnnyA says:

    Thanks 4 all this useless information. Maybe you should have added that he wears a suit.

  • Ashish Raina says:

    Kashkari’s as the name sugest are
    kashmiri pandith(brahman) from jammu and kashmir india.

  • terri says:

    Way to go…Kashkari…prounced

    “CASH CARRY”…like the 700billion dollars he’s in charge of!!! Good luck to him!

  • S. Mir says:

    I reckon the real concern should be about what he does to the $700bn AND how much more of the taxpayers’ money will be ‘generously’ spent in months to come. “Stars” surely do not foretell all-will-be-well after the 700bn is used up to “detoxify” the financial system (or its hardworking personnel by sending them for all paid R&Rs at expensive spas).

  • Kabir says:

    I am watching Brahminist-Hindus going ga-ga over their compadre Neil Kashkari getting catapulting to Treasury – just as they were delirious with the appointment of Vikram Pandit as Citigroup CEO. But are Americans aware of the very elitist/fascist caste-ridden social thinking and values of these Brahminists (8% of Hindus: Brahmin, Bania, Lala castes) and how they have been looting and pillaging India?

    Probably not, because they are only exposed to this same narrow minority of Indians in western countries. The Brahminist establishment has monopolized India’s top educational institutions (IITs) which supply 99% of “Indian” students to U.S. universities (while being less than 5% in Indians) who then join US companies and CEOs. After assuming state power in 1947, Brahminist communities have done very well in India at the expense of the rest by systematically corrupting, monopolizing and looting all state institutions set up by the British. They are motivated by delusional historical ideologies in which Brahminist-Hindus fancy themselves as some perpetual ruling-class of India (“highest castes”) despite that fact that the objective historical record bears witness to mostly non-Brahminist rule in the subcontinent over the past 2500 years (e.g. Buddhism, Muslim, Sikh) and various new influxes of peoples and cultures such as the Sakas (Indo-Scythians), Huns, Moguls and Pathans. These groups and their descendents created most of the known “Indian” empires, including the three Buddhist empires (Satraps, Kushanas and Virkas) from 300BC-800AD; the Muslim empires of the Ghaznis, Lodhis, Mughals (10-18 century AD); and Sikh, Rajput, Jat and Maratha rule before the British arrival in the 19th century.

    Given the degenerate, corrupt and criminalized nature of their beloved Bharat’s legal and administrative system, I do not believe that Americans wish to welcome their Manuite values and contributions here. They have already acquired quite a reach in the U.S. media, university system and Wall Street.

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    Kabir is right – all the great feats in India have been achieved pluralistically, but credit giving fails to follow the pluralistic pattern. Brahmins seem to end up at the receiving end for the credit distribution and, oftentimes, blame distribution as well(!)

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    Also, Kabir – count on your fingers how many Brahmins have been PMs and CMs in India – compared to non-Brahmins. And for today’s state of India that you describe, should you still be blaming Bramins?!

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    Final one(!) – to Kabir: Brahmins neither own any significant power nor wealth – but they have a love for knowledge and education which make them influential (creating an illusion of “elitism” – any educated person appears “elitist” to an uneducated person – like Obama, in spite of being black, appears “elitist” to many republicans – who prefer Bush). As education becomes more and more universal in India – and even more universal becomes the love for education – there will be no more any special place for Brahmins – (or, the better way to look at it – everyone will be a Brahmin)

  • Genuine Tosefta from Israel says:

    The Muslims Kabir and Mahesh Lavannis are rambling here with goal of elevating and falsely glorifying Muslim rule in India.

    The sad truth is that Muslims destroyed India and decimated its population any way they could. They slaughtered 80 million Hindus, took millions as slaves and pillaged the riches of thousands of Hindu temples, destroying them and putting their ghastly Mosques with the minarets on top of the ruins.

    The Taj Mahal was not build by the Muslim ruler who took credit for it but by tens of thousands of non-Muslim Hindu slaves, many who died in the process.

    The talented and learned Brahmini’s put India’s heritage back on the track of high civilization after the ousting of their Muslim tormentors during British rule and after independence.

    Mahesh Lavannis is trying to tell everyone how to live their lives and posts on Israeli websites nonsense without having a clue about the Middle East or with worst malice in heart, fitting a follower of the Satanic death cult of Islam and its Pedophile Psychopath founding Murderer , as he does to Hindus.

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    India has been invaded by many-many armies, not just those of Islam. No idea what drives people to invade India, but they do. Mongols were one such – and Islam came to India with them (not Arabs – who have also invaded India, but separately). Each invasion is painful and uncalled for (India has no history of provoking any of her invaders). However, after it is done, it is done. It becomes history, and the important thing is to carry forward a positive relationship. India has excellent friendly relations with Greece, England, Portugal, France, Iran, China, Afghanistan – all ex-invaders. We had a tryst with both Christianity and Islam. We strive to understand them too.

  • Genuine Tosefta from Israel says:

    But Mahesh Lavannis the Muslims invaders and occupiers of India were the worst for the longest period of time and caused the most destruction and mayhem of Indian civilization. Of all the invaders Muslims had by far the most negative impact on India and its future felt to this day and many generations to come. Mumbai massacre last November of Hindus and others by Muslims is the latest example. This is why it is important to acknowledge this true history and not only for intellectual/academic honesty.

    You do not deny this historical fact and should admit it out loud and mention it clearly in your history books.

    BTW Akbar was not the “great and enlightened” Muslim ruler portrayed in the PC infested Indian history books, just the opposite. I will argue this point with you at great length.

    Mahesh Lavannis graduate of IIT Bombay in Mechanical Engineering, now residing in USA, I will keep you busy here so that you will not have time left for the Israeli websites with your vitriolic comments lacking any understanding of Middle East and the evil that motivates Muslims.

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    Lessons must be learned from the past, and applied to create a better future. As for harping on the past, not sure what is gained.

  • Genuine Tosefta from Israel says:

    Denying the past as you do means you learn nothing from India’s past were you were born, yet you see yourself an expert on the Middle Est and particularly tiny Israel comprising 0.2% of Middle East and blame it for all troubles with no basis in historical reality.

    This is where you go selective choosing for both India and Israel to totally accept the narrative of the Muslim Invaders and occupiers that have repeatedly raped both countries.

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    Denying the past, learning from the past, remembering the past – these are three different things. Remembering the past to the point where it starts to destroy the future is something else altogether.

  • Genuine Tosefta from Israel says:

    Yeah, stay philosophical and historically selective Mahesh Lavannis and you will have another Mumbai massacre.

    Taking lessons from the devastation that Islam and Muslims have caused India is what will help you overcome this.

    Look at the the kind of wrecks that Pakistan and Bangladesh are because of one major reason: Islam imposed backwardness.

    India still has a long way to go but at least is making progress in leaps and bounds. A non Islamic civilization eventually finds its way out of dire conditions, Islamic ones are in the stray jacket that Islam imposes on them and cannot get out of it.

    Do not give Malaysia as a counter example, its 30% Buddhist + 10% Hindu population is responsible to all the prosperity there, the rest are parasites living off of the sweat, ingenuity and smarts of the former.

    All other 55 Organization of Islamic Countries members are in terrible shape, even the oil rich parasites

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    Less than 0.1% of all Muslims are fundamentalists. Needless to say, they are powerful and grab headlines with their activities. Does it make sense to brand the remaining 99.99% in the same camp? Do the super right wing settler Jews represent the views of the entire 20 million jews? While the activities of the 0.1% must be denounced without reservations, it is not acceptable to dismiss the 99.99 percent as “you are all the same” – that amounts to ignorance.

  • Genuine Tosefta from Israel says:

    Yes, 0.1% of Muslims (1.5 million) are the most violent ones, yet 80% of Muslims are fundamentalists who tacitly/passively support them and will gladly join them at the first sign that the violent strategy of World domination succeeds.

    No prominent Muslims protested the Mumbai massacre telling their coreligionists that this is wrong and no Muslims demonstrated in support of the victims of the Mumbai massacre. No Muslim expressed sorrow for the specially targeted innocent Jews during the Mumbai massacre.

    However violent mass demonstrations were held and dozens killed following the truthfully depicted Mohammad cartoons.

    You do not deny that Muslim societies are among the most backward in the world for the chief reason that they are trapped by Islam’s deadly backwardness.

    Jews are none of your business and if them having a tiny sliver of land bothers you is proof of your Islamic tendencies for world domination and exclusion of others right to their own ancestral land.

    What is it that you need to cling on to and defend Muslim beliefs that are completely foreign to your ancient culture and were imposed on you with tremendous cruelty.

  • Mahesh Lavannis says:

    All prominent Muslims and Muslim Organizations in India went public in their condemnation of the Mumbai blasts. ShahRukh Khan himself went on TV to express his heartfelt anger and sorrow. The condemnation of the Mumbai blasts was total – from Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis (Zorashtrians), Jews, Jains. Religions are all for peace. Militants abuse and hijack them. Christian militants (crusaders), Muslim militants, Hindu militants, Jewish miltants (settlers) – are all abusing their religions. They represent only themselves and nobody else.

  • Vijay K Kashkari says:

    Neel’s parrents had to leave Srinagar, Kashmir, India in search of better job prospectus when they were denied same at their birthplace being from a minorty community. Kashkari family had two illustarious persons namely Pandits Srikanth Kashkari a vedic authority and Sudarshan Kashkari a writer. They were Neel’s grand uncle and grand father.

  • Genuine Tosefta from Israel says:

    An open invitation for Mahesh Lavannis to send a postcard proving that he is a caring human being and not a Jihadi hothead

  • Wtf says:

    @Teri: Kashkari is NOT pronounced cash-carry. Why are Americans able to pronounce long As?

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