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Mia lets me (Daddy) write at her blog, too.

My assignment – “Tell us about a courageous woman in your life who faced obstacles and found a way to overcome them.”

Truth be told … she is not a woman … yet.  She is just 4’6″ tall and is perhaps barely halfway to becoming just a young woman.

Still she is my hero.

  1. I have seen her stand up to her friends when they said something stupid like, “Our ancestors were apes.” She reasons with her friends about how ridiculous this kind of thinking is.
  2. I have seen her stand up to her much older brothers who struggle with their faith … or too often, lack of it. She walks the walk of faith personified, demonstrating what it means to have a childlike faith, and being the ‘child that leads them.‘ Isaiah 11:6
  3. I have seen her stand up for a friend when others will not play with them, or say something hurtful to them. I have seen her offer friendship when no one else would.
  4. I have seen her get her feelings hurt too often, and still come back equally as often with cheer and a smile, a giggle and a continued desire to enjoy life.

Mia is my hero. 

If she can do these things when she is just 9-years old, then I find myself wanting to go to the gym, to take care of myself, to have self-discipline and courage to live life such that I can see her blossom into a 19-year old, 29-year old or even a 39-year old woman.

Mia is my hero.

Oh … the animal in her life.  Harry the tiger. Well, Harry thinks he is a tiger. But we know better. Still Mia will let him think he is … cause that’s the kind of girl Mia is … she lets others think the best of themselves.

  • Did I say, “Mia is my hero?’

I plan to take my heroine to see this movie when it is released on March 31st. Maybe someday they’ll make a movie about her, too.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.


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