20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount, Columbia and Universal are suing Jeboo.com for broadcasting without permission.

The Internet Cafe has shown movies such as Charlie’s Angels and X Men 2 to Internet cafe customers.

Eastday Bar is a partner of Jeboo.com.

The five movie companies are demanding Jeboo.com stop broadcasting the films and pay Y3.2 million in compensation.

“The Tongxin shop of Eastday Bar installed software, which allowed customers to pick from a range of 13 Hollywood movies.” Jeboo.com helped the Internet cafe chain.

Jeboo.com is China’s largest online cinema running WITH copyright authorization.

The company has some 30,000 movies and TV series and is China’s first authorized content service provider for broadband users.

Jeboo.com says they are “deeply surprised and confused.” 

$400,000. That’s what the movie studios want. Jeboo will 400,000 chances to understand what they did wrong.

Have you ever watched a movie online?



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