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Chinese Men’s National Team

On September 14th, the Chinese Men’s national team will play against a team composed of NBA stars – Yao Ming, Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony. 5-on-3.

Just kidding about the 5-on-3 part.

The income will be donated to help improve the educational environment for poor children in Western China.

The idea was Steve Nash’s says, Yao.

“More than half a year ago, Nash mentioned this idea to me and I thought it is great. Then we began to make it into reality,” says the giant.

China’s favorite big guy added, “I promise you that every penny of the money we get from this game will be duly used on poor children in Western China.”

Other NBA players are “Baron Davis of the Golden State Warriors, Leandro Barbosa of the Phoenix Suns, Yao’s Houston Rockets teammates Bonzi Wells, Chuck Hayes, Mike James and 2007 NBA top draft pick Greg Oden of the Portland Blazers and No. 4 draft pick Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies.”

Gosh….there are really are players who want to give something back.

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