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Belle and Beast - the odd couple

Belle and Beast – the odd couple

Mia laughed at me when I told her how I was going to start punishing her.

She doesn’t need punishment often. Or maybe I am just too soft on her.

I probably need to be punished more often than she does.

How to Punish Kids Effectively

Anyway … I told her that the next time she needed punishing I was going to take her to the library and make her read a book.

She laughed at me!

Our conversation went something like this … one-sided as it was.

“What?! You are laughing at me when I am talking about punishing you? Why would you laugh at me.”

More laughter.

“Okay, if you don’t stop laughing I am going to have to take you to the library and make you read a book. You got that?”

More laughter.

“That’s it. We are going to the library.

Yet more giggles and smiles and chuckles.”

“How come you are laughing at me when I am talking about punishing you?”

“You know, daddy, that I love to read. If you are going to punish me by making me read a book, don’t you think I will want to do something just so you can take me to the library?”

Kids are too smart these days.

Least Effective Way to Punish a Kid

Teaching a kid to read = one less effective way to punish them.

Maybe I’ll have her write a summary of the books she has to read and put those summaries here.

Daddy? I am reading this.

Author Bill Belew is also featured in Prachesta Magazine. Here is the Interview.

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