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Tiger Woods may make the most money in golf and be closing in on every other record that golf has to offer, but there is one record that he will never match…ever.

A Korean golfing god, by any other description, scored 11, count ’em, holes-in-one in a single 18-hole round of golf.

Japanese-American Parenting Conflict

Japanese-American Parenting Conflict

That’s right – Korea’s Kim Jong Il.

Average North Koreans are led to believe their fearless leader accomplished the feat at the Pyongyang Golf Club…a course where only 4 greens can be physically reached in one stroke…unless, of course, you are god.

Kim Young Il is also a sharpshooter…he practiced as an infant by aiming at Japanese.

He can likely dunk a basketball and run the 100 meters backwards in 8 seconds, too.

A Japanese University professor warns….”It’s really not a joke, all this is possible in North Korea. In that country, there’s nothing that guy can’t do. He’s like a god, so no matter how mythical some feat may be, if the powers that be say Kim did it, then he did it. Of course, that’s only in North Korea.”

North Korean textbooks say that their leader once painted Japan black on a globe – at exactly the same time Japan suffered from snow and heavy rains.

When working a jigsaw puzzle, earthquakes throughout the world occured in the exact places that he moved.

Gee, if he has those powers, then is it any wonder that he shot 11 holes-in-one. Why not 18?

Does anybody really wonder why North Korea is in the condition that it is?

What do you think?

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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