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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural Japanese-American boys, now 34- and 30-years old. He and his current wife are raising a Chinese-American girl, 8-years old.

Most Famous Bill Belew in Google Search

Most Famous Bill Belew in Google Search


Google lies.

Plain and simple. Google results are not trustworthy. The game is fixed. The prettier wrestler wins even he is not the better one. The bully rules because he is bigger.

One would think that if s/he did a search on the top search engine in the world, s/he would get reliable results.

Search Google, get the best and most credible results.

That’s not right. It doesn’t work that way. Google results are skewed. They are, I’ll say it again, a lie!

This post’ll sound like a rant. It’s not. It’s my attempt to say that Googliath cannot be trust to give the searcher honest results.

Are you reading this Google?

Of course not. You’d never find this post by looking in your search engine.

Until about two months ago, if you did a Google search, you’d find me, Bill Belew, number two on the first page of Google, duking it out with a more popular Bill Belew, the man who dressed the king, Elvis Presley. I’ll give that Bill Belew number one for now. He died last year at age 76. But, my 3+ million unique visitors and 5+ million page views are worth something and I aim to take the top spot, except on Google.

Suddenly, inexplicabley, unilaterally, my neighbor (I live right down the street), Google cut me out of their search results. Can’t find me there unless you page way down.

Thanks for the heads up, the dialog, the instruction, Googliath!

If you search Google, you might find me, one of my sites on/around the fifth page.

Search Yahoo – front page.

Search MSN – front page.

Good grief, seach PanAsianBiz on Google and the top ten listings refer to my site via aggregators and social media, but you can’t find a link TO my site.

What in the world is up with that, Google?

Same with my two other sites TheBizOfKnowledge and RisingSunOfNihon.

Do you think you are finding what you are looking for on Google?

Not if you are looking for folks like me.

Google lies.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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