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Daddy and I were sent a Solo New York Everyday Max Backpack Velocity Collection  to use. We did. And to review … this is the review. It is not paid. We just got the backpack for our opinion.


Velocity Collection

Everything Daddy Uses He Destroys

We have beaten the backpack to death. Well, not really. But Mommy says that everything daddy uses he destroys … so it’s kind of like daddy was beating this backpack to death, right?

We have used it a LOT … more daddy than me. As for me, I make sure I have my stuff, books, blankie (sh!), bowling ball (just kidding) and other stuff in the backpack whenever we are on the road.

We took the backpack on the road, too. The backpack has traveled with us enough miles to go around the world. Really. To China and back. Back and forth across the United States. Next month to Mexico and back.

Daddy Doesn’t Want for Much

I don’t know how daddy does it but the backpack is the ONLY thing he uses when he travels.

Daddy says he doesn’t want for much. He also doesn’t take much when travels. That’s good. More room for my stuff … see above.

Daddy takes power strips and his Samsung Chromebook, and maybe some drillies (look it up maybe?) when he travels. And that’s about it.  Oh … power cords, spare cell phone chargers and other heavy stuff. Daddy says, “No problem. Everything I need fits in this backpack. And the pack is sturdy enough to handle any load. Except for maybe that Sumo wrestler statue we tried to smuggle out of Japan.”

It has zippers everywhere to get in and out of. Kind of reminds us of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. You can go in one door and come out in totally different location.

What Daddy Does When Mommy Isn’t Watching

Daddy carries the backpack upright and longways. He hangs his keys on it and can toss it in the back seat … when mommy is not watching, of course.

His Chromebook seems well protected. The carton of eggs, however … Seriously? Did you think we would try that? We didn’t. Well, I didn’t. Daddy might.

Daddy says the only problem he has with it is that it’s really hard to get it to stand up. Lay down on its side or on its back, no problem. But stand up? Problem. Even so, we managed to offer it a bone just long enough to take the picture you see in this post.

Our recommendation – we hope it lasts another 10 years or so. Daddy says he’ll probably be dead by then. “Imagine being outlived by a backpack.  I’ll never need to buy another.”

As for me … yellow is cute and go girl or boy. Can I get one in pink, plz?


Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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