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I admit it, I am a bit slow. This is old news and may have been discussed elsewhere. But I haven’t seen anything….could be because I don’t get out much.

There was the corn ball from Falun Gong that disrupted the Hu’s speech recently.  Well, there still seems to be some fall out.

The Chinese embassy has sent a delegation to Washington to demand a detailed explanation of what happened.

There is a guy, and if I were a swearing person, I would swear this is his name….Bates Gill…did you look at that twice? He is a Chinese specialist at the center for Strategic and Internatinal Studies in Washington. He says, “I’m worried that this could end up being the legacy of the trip.”

Some thing, this security breach might end up heightening the distrust between the nations that the visit had been intended to dispel.

What do you think?

At least Bill Gates got his part of the trip right, eh?

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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  • panasianbiz says:

    Very interesting.

    Thanks for the info about DR. Wang and the link to the usinfo site. I didn’t know that about Dr. Wang.

    I appreciate your insight and your visit to my site.

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