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Every book has to have a beginning. And this is mine. Well, sort of.

Raising Japanese – American Bicultural Kids

I have it in mind to write a book about raising up to bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.

Bicultural Children's Stories

Bicultural Children’s Stories

I have read some by people who have advice on how to raise kids … who have, um, well, not raised their kids yet.


I have raised my kids. Well, I have raised two out of three.

My two boys are 35- and 31-years old. Mia, the owner of this site, is 9. I am not quite the age of all 3 of them put together. Okay, I am not even close to that age yet.

Outline of a Book on Bicultural Japanese-American Kids

I have put together an outline for the book. I have 21 chapter titles and introductions to each chapter which I have divided into 5 sections.

I have put this all together with the idea in mind of having an agent pick it up, pitch it to a publisher, get a bundle of money and enjoy life while I write the book.

We all know how that usually works out.

How is your chase for a literary agent going? <= click to read mine.

So … I have it in mind to go ahead and write the book … here … in this blog. And post it in bits and pieces. The book will either get read by someone or not … but it will get written. That is, the book will get written IF I write it.

And that (written book) might just be all I need go get done … at least for now.

Learning from the Experience of 2 Big Brothers

Mia Mei is a little girl learning how to become a bicultural kid. Thankfully … or not … she has two brothers who’s experience she can tap into for reference.

And her dad can look at those experiences and try to avoid the same mistakes.

I’ll tell the story.

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