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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.

The family That Flies Together, Stays Together

The family That Flies Together, Stays Together

Spring Airlines sold more than 400 tickets on a new route from Shanghai to Jinan for 1 yuan ($0.13).

However, China has a rule that tickets cannot be discounted more than 45% of government-set base prices.

The regular price fare is 760 yuan ($97.10).

Consequently, Spring Airlines was fined $20,000 for their hot promotion.

The whole scenario, of course, makes it tough for low-cost airlines to compete with China’s three main state-run carriers.

Ireland’s Ryanair, Britain’s Virgin Air, and the US Jetblue, Southwest and such would have a tough time trying to fly the world’s most populated nation around, no?

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Talk to Bill and others about their experiences raising bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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