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It’s a good question – how do Chinese-American children like to spend summers in Silicon Valley?

What I Learned in 8 Summers in Silicon Valley

I know some answers, too. I have spent 8 summers here. And I know what I like to do … and what I don’t like to do.

Playing Hide & Go Seek w/ Daddy

Playing Hide & Go Seek w/ Daddy

Mommies and Daddies are Different

A couple of years ago, Mommy arranged things … sorta kinda … at the last minute usually … and it was pretty hectic and last-minute kind of stuff. Mommy always does her best and I really appreciate her.


Last year, Daddy arranged things in advance and we did a LOT of stuff. A lot of camps – robots, national parks, pizza making … Daddy always does his best. I really appreciate him, too.

Good food and the Beach

We also took time to go to the beach. Daddy and I found a super great ice cream with a 100 100 flavors. Daddy’s good at finding delicious places.

And I also took my first trip without Mommy and Daddy. I went with my big brother, George to visit my daddy’s family in the Midwest. Indiana. Ohio River. Farms. Swimming, swimming and swimming … and swimming.

My Best Friend

My Best Friend

Knowing What I Like to Do in Silicon Valley

I know what I like to do now. I like to go to VBS at different churches. And I want to go back to see my daddy’s family and go swimming in the Ohio River again.

I haven’t had my brain washed … I think. What do I know? I do love my school. And we study the Bible there as part of all the other stuff that we have to learn. And I love Bible stories, too. Going to VBSes  is fun for me.

  • Learning songs
  • hearing familiar stories told in different ways
  • snacks
  • crafts
  • friends.

Yeah, that’s fun!

Redneck Fun in the MidWest

And I want to go back to see Daddy’s hillbilly family again in Indiana … and go swimming and … fun, fun, fun … and go to the Creation Museum and see Noah’s Ark! How fun can that be!?

In fact, that’s the plan … go to a lot of VBS’s and go back to Indiana, this time with mommy and daddy!

How Do Chinese

How Do Chinese

Conclusion of what Chinese-American Children Like to Do

What do Chinese-American children in Silicon Valley like to do in the summer?

  1. They like to have fun doing stuff that is familiar to them but different enough to have a little surprise.
  2. They like to take trips, have adventures and meet family.
  3. They like to play with their friends.

And I really don’t think it matters what kind of kid you are.

What do you like to do in the summer?


Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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