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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.


Ready for a camp.

As we discussed before few of the summer tasks carried out within the family along with the kids . As we all know summer is  time to enjoy and stay away from school activities and just enjoy playing in the sun and all other sort of sports dreamed of not possible in the winter like camping , playing outside in the sun, fishing, camping and many more . In the previous part we discussed some household activities which even donot require any spending and can be organized at family levels . So why not expand a little bit more and look forward for some outdoor activities this time. Outdoor activities include camping with family or in camps organized by members, some cycling and  hiking activities around other well known places around your town , even river fishing and many more like wise .

1. Taking your kids for an charity event – by making your kids join you for the event will help them understand the importancs of helping others and also make them cinfident in doing good thing and also help develop their physicall welbeing. The foster child also learns the importance from these events as he volunteers for helping others in need there by gainning his self confident to an upper level. Also it makes him realize the importance of working for others good and social cause.

2. Enrolling kids for a summer sports session like swimming, soccer, dance , arts and many other outdoor and indoor activities. This will help encourage him learn team work and also make him more attempting towards the sport he/she loves and also have ernourmous practise for further development. This will also help you realx a bit and also take a break from daily routine activities. Special permissions are to be taken in the case of foster kids from the birth parents or the foster agency as they fall under ceratin laws and every foster parents are to abide by it.

3. Taking part in scout groups – scouting can be a very great activity with plenty of learning and fun. Childrenas are given diffrent tasks during scouts camps and also day and night camping facilities are available. childrens feel better during scout ctivities as they are ingroups of the same age groups and find enjoyng and fun. Many task oriented activities are alloted to them in scout camps for helping them learn about the outer world. For outdoor night and day scout camps again permission is to be taken from the foster agency as the child is let away from your supervision .


Beach vacation

4. Cultural activities- kids enjoy knowing about diffrent cultures so various cultural activities are organized during summer and it is always advisable for kids to be encouraged and take part in such activities  there by helping them know about their culture in various diffrent ways. Diffrent cultural activities listing can be ascessed from local news papers and enrolled for during summer breaks.

5. Crafts  fair- crafts is another form of keeping your child engaged in some form of productive work and also children enjoy craft works. hundresds of crafts ideas and fairs to keep them busy this summer can be found in your local newspaper listing and even enquired fron your local agency. Kids can be enrolled and prepared for various crafts competition ranging for various age groups. Summer is even a good time for childrens to update and prepare their life books . Less do they need help from parents preparing their own hand books and some even enjoy doing and learning life book activities.

6. Day camps-  are organized by local YMCA agency around your area. Do check with your local agency if they offer any of them discounted or free for your foster children. If approved by your foster agency will help you enjoy some spare time with your own family members during summer.

These are few of the activities which can keep you and your child busy this summer. Check out for them near your area and have a happy summer along with your foster kid.

Thank you for reading.

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