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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural Japanese-American boys, now 34- and 30-years old. He and his wife are now raising a Chinese-American girl who is 8.

A 242,000 square foot solar power array might be yet another reason why Toyota is number one. Not only does the company save on the roads, but it is saving money off road as well.

Our church building sits about 300 people and we have classrooms in the back. The whole getup is about 8,000 square feet. Toyota’s solar power array is 30 times the size of our church building. I am sure our preacher would like to have a church that big and filled with people, too. But, that’s a different story.

Japanese-American Parenting Conflict

Japanese-American Parenting Conflict

Toyota’s North America Parts Center California (NAPCC) is the home of the giant sun catcher. SunPower installed 10,417 solar modules for a total capacity of 2.3 megawatts, covering 60% of the factory’s energy needs.

So, does that mean the products that come out of this facility will be 60% cheaper once the panels are paid for?

Toyota said in a press release,

“NAPCC electricity costs per kilowatt-hour have increased 266 percent since 1992. Facility energy conservation efforts have reduced electricity usage by 28.5 percent during the past five years, but annual electricity use still remains over 5,788,000 kilowatt-hours.

The system was designed and built by SunPower, using its high-efficiency panels that deliver 50 percent more power per unit than conventional panels. A lightweight state-of-the-art SunPower mounting system further maximizes power delivery.”


Found at Greenpacks.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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