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The world’s most expensive cities

The World’s Most Expensive Cities  List for expatriates is out.

Seoul came out on top, or bottom depending on your perspective, in Asia at number 7.

Tokyo fell to number 13.

Taipei fell to #94, 6th in Asia and Hong Kong was number 5 in Asia.

Singapore was 122nd in the world and 10th in Asia.

The survey was conducted by ECA International and measured:

1. the cost of food,

2. cost of basic items including drink and tobacco, a

3. other costs such as clothing and electrical goods.

The top ten cities.

City                Country                  Previous Rank
Luanda              Angola                         2
Oslo                Norway                         3
Moscow              Russia                         4 
Stavanger           Norway                         6
Copenhagen          Denmark                        7
Kinshasa            Congo Democratic Rep.          5
Seoul               Korea Republic                 8
Libreville          Gabon                          9
Geneva              Switzerland                    11
London              U.K.                           17
How is it where you live?

Talk to Bill and others about their experiences raising bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.


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