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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.



Angelina Jolie says that adoptive parents are more fit to raise children.

China says they want only fit people to raise children adopted from China.

Sounds like a match made in Hollywood…or maybe a good script thread.

Jolie says that adoptive parents have their background and personalities scrutinized to ensure they are suitable. Biological parents are ‘you are stuck

with each other.”

She says she was put through stringent tests – how much money do you have, are you planning on stealing another husband, are you on anti-depressants – before adopting Maddox and Zahara.

However, when she gave birth to Shiloh, nobody but the husband, Brad Pitt, cared.

Seriously…she got fingerprinted and went through home studies to prove she was a decent candidate. So, that means agents from Cambodia went to America to check out her umpteen dollar mansionS, because they weren’t quite sure where the kids would sleep at night, and they followed Jolie and Pitt throughout India while they were on the shoot. And they interviewed babysitters and nannies..and

Nah, adoptive parents do NOT have an edge. They do, however, get to say to their youngsters, you are my child because “I chose you.”

Biological parents, on the other hand, say to their children I am committed to my child because “I gave you life.”

What do you think?

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