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Today is PanAsianBiz's birthday. One year ago I started writing here….rambling maybe, wondering is most likely. I know things. Most of all I know what I don't know, so I ask.

In the 12 months since I started writing PanAsianBiz, I have been thrilled to have more than 260,000 visitors and 460,000 page views. Thank you most sincerely for visiting, reading, looking around, leaving comments and telling me when I am wrong and right. 

Mid-year, PanAsianBiz spawned two more blogs, ZhongHuaRising and RisingSunOfNihon. While trying to get those two blogs started, PanAsianBiz took a back seat for several months.

ZhongHuaRising was eventually taken over by a native Chinese and I came back to PanAsianBiz full-time, keeping RisingSunOfNihon and starting a third blog, TheBizOfKnowlege.

These three blogs are what I maintain for KnowMoreMedia now and I am quite happy to do so.

I still think I am trying to find my feet, my voice, my 'pillars,' though, I know much more now than I did a year ago.

For the regular readers of PanAsianBiz…your feedback is always welcome.

1. What is right with PanAsianBiz?

2. What is wrong with PanAsianBiz? 

3. Do you want longer posts? or is short okay?

4. More news? More culture? More opinion? More countries? (I tend to hang around China a lot here.) I have started posting Nippondits here, thinking you all may be interested in Japan as well. Yes? No?

5. More posts each day? fewer each day? I average about 150 each month…each is about one minute long…short and sweet, and always asking. Enough? Too much?

6. How about you participating? Send a link, a comment that can become a post, a picture, a recommendation. I welcome your input.

7. How about sending a question or starting a discussion? I am game.

8. Shall I get more personal? or stay removed from the topics?

The less I hear from you all, the more apt I am to go about doing what I have been doing with a bit of experimentation now and then…I have ideas.

At any rate, PanAsianBiz is nothing if you all do not come to visit, flip the pages and come back.

Thank you again so very much for reading.

Please do come back again and come back often and when you get the inclination, drop a comment or a suggestion.

God bless you all. 

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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  • fiLi says:

    Happy birthday.

    I enjoy reading your blog alot and I think it does things a bit different than most blogs, and for that I am grateful.

    To answer your questions, here are a few points :
    – Personally, I prefer one long post per day than a few shorter posts per day. I believe this to be true for most blogs, since too many headlines for very short posts seem like noise without quality.
    – I really like the comparative posts between countries in Asia, or indepth surveys in different parts of China. I think this is where a blog that’s about all of Asia has the real added value. Focus on comparisons, the dynamics and interactions between Asian countries, there’s little information about that. The posts that I don’t like are the long series about things like “hottest girls/boys in China” that span across 35^2 posts. It would be nice with 2 or 3 parts (10 each time), but when it becomes such a long series, it seems like noise.

    You’ve done a wonderful job here, and it’s great to see that you’ve built yourself a wide loyal readerbase. Goodluck with the next year.

  • Razib Ahmed (SouthAsiaBiz) says:

    Happy birthday,
    PanAsiaBiz is an exceptional blog- perhaps the first one to cover Asian Business regularly. It is great to see that it has flourished so much in just one year.
    Congratulations Bill.

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