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Samsung has decided to take on Howard Stern.

Well, sort of.

Samsung will team up XM Radio to compete against Sirius.

Satellite radio is a white-hot world and the way to beat one another is to be first out with the latest gizmos.

The best way to win this battle, it seems is for the satellite company to team up with the electronics maker to decrease conception to market time.

Samsung/XM Helix is the result of one such collaboration.

Which Asia country do you think Sirius is going to team up with?

I don’t know, but with Howard Stern and his line up of garbage programs, I hope every country in Asia will opt out. But then somebody is bound to see the buck, yen, yuan, rupee or won that they can make and go for it.

What do you think?

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  • Riley Martin says:

    Does the author of this article do any research? Sirius and XM don’t comete with each other anymore… they are the same company now. Howard Stern (and his “garbage programs” as you put it) can be heard on XM through an option called best of Sirius. Nice try at being “shocking” with your attention grabbing headline….FAIL
    Baba booey to you all.


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