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Sanyo has decided to team up with Sprint to offer an espresso colored phone to go along with its pure silver, blue energy and always pink phones. Sounds more like they are offering energy drinks than cell phones, eh?

Motorola offers a magenta colored phone and T- Mobile offers violet and maroon phones. Perhaps we should shop for them at colors-r-us.

I have great respect for Japanese companies and a student of mine works at Sanyo. He might even be a VP or something by now.

But, I hate Sprint and can’t figure out why Sanyo would work with them. After 2 years of monthly bills in the $40 dollar range, Sprint hit me with a $450 bill! I balked and they wouldn’t back down.

Eighteen months of haggling later and Sprint finally gave up.

I guess what puzzles me is what a quality Japanese company is doing with a bozo company like Sprint.

Must have something to do with how much money they can make, eh?

What do you think?

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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  • james roper says:

    too many companies think that if you just make something speacial or exclusive, it automatically makes it better. i have never had sprint, but i have heard from friends that do that the reception is not good, the customer service is a joke, and the bills were often overcharged. i wonder how many people will jump into deal just for the special color.

  • panasianbiz says:

    The special color was RED…that’s what I saw everytime I had to deal with them.

  • I have never had to deal with Sprint either, but I do agree that Sanyo is a great company. Thanks for the post.

  • panasianbiz says:

    Thanks for visiting.

    Have you had other dealings with Sanyo that you can share?

    They had a factory about 30 kilos from where I lived in Japan and a student of mine worked there. He always sang their praises.

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