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What’s your favorite song to listen to on the way to school each morning?

My daddy and I love to listen to Pandora on the way to school. We usually listen to the Disney Channel.

Playing Music Games in the Car

We play games, too.

  • Who can tell the most about a song that is playing.
  • What song is going to be next?

I always win the first game. I know my Disney songs and singers and movies and characters. And I can talk fast. Daddy has to drive. He has no chance.

The second game … sometimes he wins. Don’t tell him that I let him win. (Hey! I am reading this!)

Our Favorite Song Make My Butt Dance

There is one song that is our favorite by far that we like to hear on our way to school.

The song makes my butt dance while sitting in the car. It’s impossible to listen to and not start bouncing.

Even daddy starts dancing … well sort of. As much as you can while driving. Besides, he can’t dance.

Problem is … the song gets stuck in my head and I sing or hum it ALL day long.

But, daddy says, how bad can life be if you have a song about dancing stuck in your head all day?

Life I Good When a Song is Stuck in Your Head abt Dancing

He’s right. When I work math problems, I get better answers when I am dancing. When I read about social studies, I remember dates better when I am dancing. When I do spelling tests, I get better results when I am dancing. When I study the stars, I learn the constellations better when I am dancing. Even in after school when I am studying Chinese, I remember the characters better when I am dancing.

That’s the song – Better When I am Dancing by Meghan Trainor.

Terrific song to go to school on.

What’s your favorite song to hear right before you walk through the doors at school each morning?

Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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