Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.

Super Volcano Sea of Japan

Japanese companies are feeling tremors from the recent earthquake in China.

Japanese companies are feeling tremors from the recent earthquake in China.

American companies are feeling them.

Okay, everywhere they are being felt.

Intel Corp. has a chip testing and assembly plant in the area.

Nokia Corp. is missing two of its employees from its sales office in the area.

Motorola Inc has two of their employees injured.

Microsoft Corp received damage to its building in the area.

Micron Technology lost water and lights.

IBM Corp lost communications with some people in the region.

Hitachi Ltd’s joint venture in Chengdu (they make inverters) was forced to halt production.

Fujitsu Ltd also suspended operations at its semiconductor development joint venture, also in Chengdu.

Suzuki Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp halted operations briefly.

Toyota operations were halted as well.

All told, more than 150 Japanese firms were affected.

More tremors will be felt by Japan bean counters in the coming reports, eh?

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