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The setting for this song is on The Isle of the Lost, in Ursula’s Fish and Chips in the movie Descendants 2.

Uma is singing this song. ( AKA China Anne Mcclain). Uma is Ursula’s daughter. Ursula, of course, is the sister of King Titan in the Little Mermaid.

Here are some other songs that China Mcclain sings.

  • The Great Divide from Tinker Bell
  • Good is the New Bad from Descendants
  • It’s Going Down

Thomas Doherty appears in the video as Harry Hook, the son of Captain Hook

Dylan Playfair appears as Gil, the son of Gaston.

The Plot of Descendants 2

Mal, daughter of Malificent is struggling with a princess – like life.

She feels like she does not fit in.

On the other hand, Uma wants to take over Audron.

Mia’s Review of What’s My Name

I think that this song is really cool and fun to sing.  And if I don’t watch myself, I’ll be dancing along, too!

But don’t worry dear readers. I know my name.


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