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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.

Geek dads spend a majority of their time in front of machines which could be a laptop or an iPad, under a car, electronic gadgets or a machine usually writing a piece of code or researching Google on how stuff really works or watching the latest fling on the tech industry on the news on TV or the internet.  These dads are mostly online meddling with their gadgets which could be their laptops or android phones and keep flipping through blogs and pages of a book or the internet instead of spending their precious times with their wives or their children.  This routine of theirs really annoys people around them and these often question,whether these dads do not have anything better  than focusing their attention on their computers.  It is a usual trend that these dads often become addicted to the machines and do not lead a balanced life with their friends or family and this abhorrent behavior becomes a point of contention between the members of the family.  Some of these dads are even found to be texting and on the phone even the family is out on a holiday or for a family get together  which is a source of rift or disconnect between the family members and them.

These dads are very analytically oriented and spend extravagantly on purchasing fancy and new gadgets as they are launched in the market, just to keep up with the trend and keep updating the repertoire of such items because it makes them a part of the user community of geeks and is socially gratifying for them.  This behavior on spending lavishly on these trending gadgets is really because of the fact that this intrigues their mental  curiosity and  is trendy within their inner circle of other nerd friends, with whom they share their ideas and this gives them that space to vent their inner expression.  These dads are seen in casual wear rather than traditional formals and with their spectacles on as these geeks spend a majority of the time staring at their computer monitor or reading content of the net or reading famous authors who have been through the cycle of innovation or of content they download from the net.

Geek dads also ensure that their children standout in their academics or school projects and teach their children technology and the latest trends.  They try to raise their children in financially sound environment because they want to be seen as someone who is ambitious and money minded.  Their constant thirst for achieving new heights in technology constantly pushes them towards excellence and creates an environment of  continuous learning to make their dreams come true in every possible way.  They are also seen to be pushing their children hard towards achieving top ranks in education and are often seen discontent with the performance of their children.  They try to instill strict discipline  to the mindset of their children even though their children might be performing fairly well in their studies and extra curricular activities, these dads seem bent on raising the bar for their children all the time.

Their children also understand very quickly on how their father mental process really works and are generally seen as competitive and ambitious among their peers. They are often rank holders in school and they make it a point to stand out in a community because of the competitive spirit that is instilled in them by their peers.  They also don’t take things lightly and are hard on themselves in order for them to excel in their classroom.  The spouses of these dads are often seen complaining about the less time spent with their husbands and feel threatened by these machines that their husbands hang out.

Talk to Bill and others about their experiences raising bi-cultural Japanese-American kids.

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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