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Daddy and I really looked forward to seeing FROZEN and meeting the new Princess Anna. What we didn’t expect was to find how cool Elsa was. No pun intended.

While on a trip to Florida for business, daddy took time out to take me to Epcot Center where we stood in line for nearly 4 hours!! Go figure. But we did get to see Else and Anna. Totally worth it … I think.

Best Surprises are Those That …

The best surprises are the one’s that come out of nowhere. Elsa is my new favorite princess. (At least she was when I wrote this.)

Maybe because she is the latest. Or maybe it’s just she really is cool.

Personality Traits of Princess, um Queen Elsa

12 Positive Personality Traits of Princess

12 Positive Personality Traits of Princess

Caring – Elsa did NOT play because she cared. That’s tough. Who doesn’t want to play? Who can show what they really care by NOT doing something?

Protective – she loved her little sister so much she became completely selfless. Where can you find someone who is so willing to let go of their own desires for someone else?

Regal – a princess, then a queen, but always a faithful daughter and sister

Elegant – worthy of a queen. It’s okay to have elegance without being showing.

Fierce – I want her on my team! No matter what game we are playing, I want Elsa on my side!

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Powerful – she displayed her strength by holding her gift in, not by letting it out. Sometimes it is harder to NOT do something than to do.

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Reserved – If Elsa didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know. You don’t need to tell people what kind of person you are. It should be obvious to them. If you have to tell someone you are something, it generally means you aren’t, and you are only try to convince others, maybe yourself, that you are.

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Graceful – the way a princess, then queen should be. It’s not a weakness to be graceful.

Poised – still young, but in complete control. Elsa was just 21 when she became queen in the absence of her missing parents.

Playful – but not fast enough to keep up with Anna. Still who wouldn’t want a sister like Elsa? Anna wanted to play in spite of the way things went wrong at times.

Responsible – displayed by self sacrifice. Elsa took responsibility for her actions.

Patient – she waited until it was her time. Can you imagine sitting in that room all those years and NOT getting hugs from her daddy!!

Quote: The cold never bothered me anyway.”

Please take a look.

Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 37 and 33. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8, 9, 10 … now 11!

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