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My two older boys grew up in Japan. We see a lot of Japanese influence in America. Maybe more so than others.

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I have learned a few things about Skylar Deleon and the Mighty Morphin Rangers.

10 Things I Know abt Skylar Deleon – Mighty Morphin Rangers

1. The Mighty Morphin Rangers was created for the American market as a take off of the 16th installment of the Japanese Super Sentai franchise – Kyoro Sentai Zyuranger.

2. The Might Morphin Rangers series ran from 1993-1995.

3. The movie Mighty Morphine Power Rangers: The Movie grew out of this series.

4. Skylar Deleon, 29-years old, had a bit part* as a child actor in the series – he was 14-16 at the time.

5. Skylar Deleon is on trial for two charges of murder for financial gain.

6. He is accused of killing Tom and Jackie Hawks to get control of their $440,000 yacht.

7. Deleon’s wife, Jennifer Henderson, has already been convicted on counts of murder for financial gain in her role in the same deaths/

8. Deleon also faces charges of murder in a throat-slitting of Jon Peter Jarvie in December ’03 to steal more than $50,000.

9. The Mighty Morphin Rangers are supposed to be good guys….

10. Deleon, if found guilty like his wife, will not be considered a good guy.

My kids loved the Power Rangers growing up in Japan. I’m glad they are old enough now to distinguish between fantasy and reality, else wise what would they think?

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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 37 and 33. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8, 9, 10, … now 11!

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.


  • Wiki says:

    very good post! 🙂

  • Nick says:

    Everyone is touting Skylar as a former Power Ranger, but he’s only appeared in one episode in a non-speaking role. How does that constitute him being a Power Ranger? The media is using his only acting stint as a hook for readers and it’s a false presumption.

    If Skylar Heleon is guilty, then he’s guilty, but don’t drag the Power Rangers franchise into this when he barely has a mark on it.

  • Riz says:

    Skylar Deleon was a character is only ONE episode of that show. He was by no means a star of it.

  • Patrick says:

    I guess you had to blog before you could even do the most cursory research on the subject (and other blogs that didn’t do research either don’t count). I googled Skyler Deleon for you, and I found that he appeared on Power Rangers…as an extra…once. So no, not a Power Ranger. Nothing difficult to explain to your kids. You just got sucked in by a misleading headline.

    Here’s a tip: when there’s quotes in the headline such as ‘Power Ranger’ faces death penalty, it means that it wouldn’t be a truthful statement without the quotes. Meaning that Deleon was not a ‘Power Ranger’, just associated with the show enough so that they could pull that phrase out and stick it in the headline, making it more eye-catching. The National Enquirer and other disreputable rags do it all the time, but I’m rather disappointed in CNN for doing this kind of sensationalistic crap.

  • Joe says:

    Don’t worry for what the kids might think. Skylar Deleon was not a Power Ranger — he was just an extra on one or two episodes in the first season.

    Press is hyping the Power Rangers connection to sensationalize the story.

  • PW Fan says:

    He actually played a non speaking but part on Power Rangers. now you know 11 things!

  • PW Fan says:

    make that bit part. he never “starred” in PR.

  • Merlyn says:

    4. Skylar Deleon, 29-years old, starred as a child actor in the series – he was 14-16 at the time.

    Wrong. He was an extra, and never “starred” in anything.

    Learn to fact-check.

  • Beedawbun says:

    Skylar Deleon was NOT an actor on Mighty Morphin Rangers. He was in one episode as an uncredited extra (which means he was in the background of a scene with no lines).

  • Littlerascal says:

    The man was just found innocent regardless of whether he was a child star or not. No justice no peace. Innocent until proven guilty, you should all be ashamed.

  • A Hall says:

    Its true that Skylar Deleon was only an extra and had nothing to do with the PR, however, if he did have a leading role, why should that mean that the Power Rangers franchise is evil and wrong and in need of slating? Its one man who did wrong

    Just cos all the actors and actresses were in a programme for kids years ago, does that mean that they have to be Saints??

    Murders wrong and this guy is a piece of shit, but its not the fault of the PRs or anything to do with them… whether he is an extra for one episode (which he was) or a main star

  • jamie says:

    I went to high school with this guy. I cannot believe how this guy turned out. He graduated in 1998 at Huntington Beach High School under the name John Jacobson and he did appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for a split second. My best friend back in high school actually dated this guy. They claim that he had a horrible childhood, however when I knew him, he was a surfer who was in all of the surfing events. I believe what he did to this couple has earned him the right to the death penalty and deserves to never be released from jail.

  • really says:

    Little rascal~ Found innocent where did you read that at? He was found guilty and will be sentenced in January 2009, and the jury recommended the death penalty. This man is a scum of the worst kind, I wish they would take him out and tie him up and throw him off in the ocean like he did his victims or slit his throat and dump him in the Mexican desert. He don’t deserve a blog and little rascal you should check your facts before you post.

  • Whatever says:

    “Jamie,” why not fill us in with some more bio of this extraordinary creep? Do you remember any conversations you may have had with him or about him. His lack of compassion couldn’t have just materialized out of nowhere as an adult.

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