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America is not the only country where people get drunk as a skunk, do something very very stupid, and not remember what it was the next day, and in even worse cases die from it.

Two dudes were driving home after a night of drinking in Beijing.

One friend asked the other to pull over so he could vomit.

In the meantime, the idiot stuck his head out the window when, suddenly, a truck passing by knocked it off….the head.

Sounds like fun, eh?

The truck driver called the police, but the drunk driving the other car took off with his friend and half a head.

Body tissue was found on the truck…and a few hours later,
the drunk friend, now very very sobered up surrendered to the traffic authorities.

It seems he held his friend’s hand and talked to him (though very very dead) in between getting whopped by the truck and going to a hospital where the docs told him “Yo! Your buddy only has half a head! He’s dead.”

I have never ever heard, “Boy I wish I HAD been drinking at the time.”

Do you drink and drive?

Stop it! Now!

Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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