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I have never seen my daddy wear a watch before. Or a ring. Or a necklace. Or an ear ring. Or a nose ring. <snicker>

I have never seen daddy wear these things till now.

Daddy was asked to wear a TEMPUS Silvestre | Men’s Green Sandalwood Watch and write about what he thought.

TEMPUS Silvestre | Men's Green Sandalwood Watch

                       TEMPUS Silvestre | Men’s Green Sandalwood Watch

Before long he let me wear it as well to get my opinion, too. Of course, I am not a man … silly people who might think that. But I still thought it was cool. It was light … as in not heavy light. And the wood-ness was unique, too.

A lot of my friends don’t know how to tell time by looking at the hands on a clock, or watch. At my school, we learn how to do that. The face of the clock was plenty big to see … even for daddy who has a hard time seeing small numbers on a digital screen.

Imagine that … some people still want to see hands AND know how to read them. Like daddy, like daughter …. he he he.

Daddy said that as much as the watch was very light weight and easy on the eyes, he still didn’t ‘fall in love’ with it enough to start wearing a watch again.

Daddy said he stopped wearing ‘stuff’ when he was in the Navy during WWII (Mia! I am not that old.) because he was around electronics and stuff … And he never got into the habit of wearing things like that again. But if he did start wearing things again, this watch might be a good place to start. Or maybe a nose ring. Hahahahahaha!

Nope … we didn’t get paid to review this watch. But we did get a free watch.

Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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