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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.


Self-Made Man

Self-made men are those that defy all odds to get where they are in life and do not expect life to offer all of the nice things laid on the platter in order to reach the top.  They are inspirational in many respects in order for them to reach where they are and make the best out of every little thing that they have got in their lives and these men really turn things around them and do not wait for things to happen automatically for them but take initiative in order to climb up the ladder of life.  These dads hassle in order to fight for their survival and rise from the ashes each time they are confronted with a difficult situation and make the most of what they have in life and not wait for things to unfold in their lives.  These dads do not view challenges as problems but view them opportunities and always are optimistic about the glass being half filled rather than half empty. We must also realize the fact that nothing for these men was on a golden platter but then these dads really made merry of the few opportunities that came their way in order for them to succeed in lives.

The essential qualities of these men include being deprived of basic standards of living as compared to their peers and having this constant sense of longing to break free from the clutches of fate in order to succeed and a sound temperament to achieve and strive for success and reach to higher positions of power and authority in the society.  Lot of these men do not have everything that they can ask for but use the very little that they have in order to succeed and are generally seen as astute men who pounce on every little resource that they can lay their hands on and make the most of it.  These men are very committed and determined to break the shackles of the society and improvise and adopt the method of continuous learning and development in order to reach where they are and achieve higher levels of development both mentally and spiritually and reach where they do end up and being content with their accomplishments at some point in time.  They imbibe a very strong work ethic and develop a routine around their daily work in order to succeed and meticulously follow this routine till the end of their life times.

These dads are often seen as role models in the society having this passion and driven by excellence and not mere success and not just consider wrong paths and means to reach success but then also value the ethical means and methods to get there.  These men are often seen to be selfless putting others interest ahead of their own personal interests and speak and vouch for justice in every walk of life. In other words they have a sense of balance about life and life to them is not just being professionally successful but also being successful at a personal level and lead a family with a peaceful life. They are often very critical of the system in which they operate and see that things around them need to change.  These men are constantly hungry for change within their society and the very system in which they operate and believe in blunt and straight talk rather than beating around the bush when it comes to debates and discussion and clearly view accountability in the system to be very important in order for them to succeed and strive for justice within the system.

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Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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