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Reading Books is Fun

Reading Books is Fun

I just finished the Summer of 2017.

I did a lot of fun things this Summer.

Tomorrow I will start school as a new 4th grader!

Here is a list all the things I did.

Mia’s list of Summer fun in Sunnyvale, CA

  • Camps  ( Art, Sewing etc…)
  • VBS   ( Vacation Bible School)
  • A trip to Rising Sun, Indiana.
  • Fun with Friends ( Movie making etc…)
  • And, Chinese homework!!!!!!!!!! ( Hanging out with Daddy !!!!!!!!! )

My Favorite’s

I went to a lot of camps, and my favorite was Art camp. I liked it because my school’s art teacher taught there!!!!

Out of five VBS’s my favorite was St. Mark’s. I liked it because I have been going for a long time and everyone is friendly.

In Indiana, I liked to swim. My Uncle has a boat, and takes out swimming in the Ohio River.

Fun with Friends includes, swimming, movie making, Zoo, Great America, etc… Looking at you Emma, Leah, Eunice, and Crystal!

My Favorite Part of the Summer

It is hard to say what my favorite part of Summer was.

It is…err…umm … uh … depends on my mood!!!! (Daddy taught me what to say when I can’t decide!)

Mia Belew

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