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My Best Friend Harry

My Best Friend Harry

What’s the best way to spend summer vacation with kids?

Moms Struggle Finding Summer Activities

This is a question that moms around me are asking. Moms in our 3rd-grade Google group even email one another looking for ideas?

Dads? Not so much. I might be the only dad I know in our circle who has responsibility for arranging Mia’s summer schedule.

It seems impressive … but really isn’t. I have something scheduled for Mia for every week this summer. I am not sure how I got the schedule full other than doing it little by little. I really am not that organized.

4 Activities of Choice for Little Girls

Her activity of choice is Vacation Bible School. But there are only so many VBS’s that she can go to before the themes start repeating themselves. I was able to find 3 different themes for the VBS’s (How do you write the plural of VBS?) She will have the same VBS theme just twice … but with different friends from different churches.

But VBS only fills up the mornings. What about afternoons?

I’ll come back to that.

I found one all-day camp – Stars and Movie Making. How cool is that?

And this one surprised me … I found 2 Chinese camps (cooking and stars) that are each 2 weeks long that are afternoon ONLY!

So … what do we do on those mornings?

I’ll come back to that, too.

My daughter’s school starts about 3 weeks later than all of her friends. Go figure. She starts the Wednesday AFTER Labor Day weekend. Remember that? Who does that any more? Mia’s school does.

We, just she and I, have a trip planned back to the MidWest to see my family.  But we still have a couple of weeks left.

So … what do we do during those weeks when all of her friends are in school and she isn’t?

I’ll come back to that as well.

… Just kidding. It’s time for me to answer what we will do.

What does Functical Mean?

Mia and I created a new word this morning on the way to school to describe what we will do on those free afternoons, mornings and weeks.

We are calling it – Functical Activities.

Fun + Practical = Functical.

We decided we are going to focus on three things:

  1. Learning to cook
  2. Learning to garden
  3. Learning to swim

We hope to build a menu of things either she or I can make so we can prepare her own breakfast and lunch when she starts the 4th grade this fall.

We hope to have fun doing pretty stuff … maybe even some veggies.

We hope to hang out at the pool and the beach – the Pacific Ocean is less than an hour away.

Sounds like fun to me? And practical, too.

What functical activities can you think of? Wanna share?

Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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