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My daddy is goofy. He mixes things up a lot.

Today, I told him we were going to have a birthday party at school and we were going to eat cup cakes and have fruit punch.

He asked, “You are going to have cup punch and drink fruit cakes?”

“No, daddy. Cup cakes and fruit punch.”

Goofy Daddy

Daddy told me I could write something on my computer at home. And if I kept on doing it, sometimes magic happens. I thought he was being goofy again. What kind of magic can happen on a computer?

Daddy was right. I learned something.

Singing the KOIT JINGLE

When I was a little girl I used to sing the KOIT jingle in the car <= read about that here.

I did this especially during Christmas time. Hey! It’s almost Christmas time again.

Teri King, Brian Fox and Naki Make Magic

Well, magic happened. Teri King of KOIT read my blog. She wrote an email to my daddy. He wrote back. Thank goodness he didn’t mix that up. Silly old Daddy.

Next think I know, we got invited to visit the KOIT radio studio. How cool was that! I had to skip school. We took a train. And we met the nicest people you can imagine.

Gifts Galore

I got all sorts of cool things – Tsum tsums, t-shirts, DVDS, and tickets to see the Magic Kingdom’s next big movie – MOANA!!! Daddy already got tickets for us to see it this Saturday.

Woohoo! And gift cards to buy popcorn and something to drink at the movie. And a gift card to the Disney Store from Brian Fox!

Feeling Special

They were the nicest people. And they sure knew how to make a little girl feel welcomed and special.

For my part … I sang the KOIT jingle for them and Naki recorded it. I am afraid I was so nervous that I might have disappointed them. But it sure was fun galore. How did he do that? More magic, I reckon.

Now, I am wondering a couple of things.

  1. If I keep writing my blog, what else might happen.
  2. Maybe, just maybe, my daddy is not as goofy as I think. This one has a long ways to go before I change my mind.

Thank you KOIT for a great time!

Thank you, Daddy, for not getting the days all mixed up.


Bill Belew

Professional Blogger, social media marketer, professor of marketing, Christian and dad.

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