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Daddy and I looked forward to seeing FROZEN for a long time. Princess Anna was coming. We did some investigating. We read some background on the film. Disney did a great job of preparing us for this movie. But Disney did not tell us everything we might expect.

We really looked forward to meeting Princess Anna on the big screen to learn more about her.

Meeting Princess Anna in Person

After that, we decided we had to meet her in person .. and we did … at Epcot Center.

Anna's Personality Traits

Anna’s Personality Traits

13 Positive Personality Traits of Princess Anna

Free-spirited – lots of princesses are individualistic, unlike others, and unlike each other except that they each have their own individual desires to pursue. Anna was no different.

Loving – we totally expected Kristoff’s true love to be the hero, not the true love of sisters. Anna simply never gave up pursuing a friendship with her older sister.

Playful – “Do you want to build a snowman?” It’s okay to enjoy life … when you are young AND when you are old.

Optimistic – never wavered in the hope that she could reach her sister … even after all those years, all those knocks on the door, all those “Go away, Anna” reactions.

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Awkward – but still able. Real but still very capable. Wholesome and winsome at the same time.

Fearless – let herself be vulnerable but stayed the course. Pursued true love but did not give up on sure love.

Feisty – animated, energetic, spunky, funny, lively, laughable …

Kind – to all those around her, not just to some

Impetuous – act then think. Way too many people think, think, think a hole in the ground and are no farther along than they were before they started thinking. Act and do, or is it do and act at the same time? “Do something,” daddy says.

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Caring – tender heart in action. How far would you go to show someone you love them in spite of them having told you many times to go away?

Never-give-up – brrr … bothered by the cold, but not frozen by it. I hate the cold. We don’t know how Anna felt about it. It probably didn’t matter. What mattered to her that she was going to find her sister, unfreeze her home … and hopefully thaw out whatever was chilling to her relationship with her big sister.

Faith in others – in her sister, in Kristoff, in Swen, in Olaf, in …. Who do you trust? Mistrust?

Determined – when others might have given up, she did not. When the cold bothered her anyway, she persisted. Snow monsters? Kept going.

Chocolate: How can you not love someone who loves chocolate so much?

Quote: This is awkward. Not you’re awkward, it’s just that we’re, I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous—Wait, what?” 


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