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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.


All dads want their child to be disciplined, but  have you ever thought of what discipline do you follow or have followed down the lane all these years. It is not an act passed from generation to generation but an act which you may or may not have learned from your father. So how do you expect your child to be disciplined all the way by himself. It is your part of duty as a father to make him learn and let him understand the value of discipline so as to grow good or bad , either way you want in life and lead life ahead in many good ways. But sometimes we describe  discipline to be a form of punishment and thus deal with our kids in the wrong way. The word Discipline comes from the Latin word “Discipulus” meaning “to teach and to guide”. It  never was or in any way related to punishment .Punishment means to “penalize” for doing something wrong. We sometimes get mixed up between discipline and punishment and this may lead your child growing in a wrong path .Below are a few types of father traits and their discipline way to deal with their kids. Therefore it’s very important for every father to know their types and deal accordingly with their children.

The Dictator dad-  The dictator dad has always dealt with his children in the dictatorial way. He deals with his children in all the way he likes and never has any second option for them to choose from. He either wants his children to follow his footsteps either ways if also he is right or wrong. He always stays strictly and never ever shows love for children.

The King dad- The king dad has always dealt with children in the king way. He loves them and  when required even shows strictness so as to lead them. He even advices them to do the things right and wants his children to follow him as the king and respect his views.

The Joker dad- The joker dad is the one who plays cares loves and nurtures his children. He is not the one who like’s discipline neither helps his children in learning. He plays with them and always stays care free.

The Follower dad-  The follower dad is totally different from the other three. He likes his children sometimes , nurtures them too but is not ready to lead the discipline task. Instead he assigns mom the role and follows her as and when required.

The Dreamer dad-  The dreamer dad is the one who is not at all concerned about the discipline factor. He neither  has time for nor he likes giving the task of discipline. In this family the mom is totally responsible regarding the discipline factor and he shows no concern about it. These dads like working free and hold no responsibility of the family.

These are some of the few types of dad’s and their way of dealing with discipline. So at the end check out which category you fall in and question yourself whether you are doing the right thing. “Is this the best style for my children and my family ” . Instead  consider something more middle of the road and emerge to be a good disciplined dad. It’s not so easy changing oneself but when it comes to children every single step taken forward counts.

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Thank you for reading.

Please feel free to comment and also mention if any new types you have in mind for the welfare of our readers and every dad out there.

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Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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