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Bill Belew has raised 2 bi-cultural kids, now 34 and 30. And he and his wife are now parenting a 3rd, Mia, who is 8.

This post shall discuss all about managing dads who have little maturity and understanding of how to raise a family and behave with respect within the family in order to be equal and impartial towards all members of the family and lay the groundwork in order to build a healthy and a cozy relationship between family members.  These fathers simply do not get it and do not know what it takes to build and nurture the family in order to create a long lasting web of healthy relationships that carry on for generations and members of the family can then reap the rewards of the foundation laid out by these dads.

These dads are often times mentally challenged and lack the necessary social intelligence in order to gain respect within the family and friends and rude to most of the people that they meet. These dads also comprise of people who have lost their capacities to think in a logical and unbiased manner and are therefore are caught in this maze of repeated abuse and intolerance in all modes and walks of life.  These dads are often times seen ridiculing the members of the family and are also subject of ridicule from other members of the family.  These dads in lot of cases are hampered in terms of broad mindedness when it comes to dealing with people.  These dads are disregarded by the friends and family and are often times ignored by the family members because their opinions are often divergent and out of the ordinary norms of the normal functioning of people within the constraints imposed by the society.  They often are misguided and misguide people who are close to them with their insane arguments and which clearly shows that they are not in the right frame of mind. These dads might have been facing mental problems due to a variety of reasons and some of these dads might have been involved in an accident that might have caused them to lose their ability to think and reason.  These incidents from the past might have been the reason for their disability and mental handicap and prevented them to think like us normal individuals.  Many of these dads might have also slipped into this mode of perpetual ignorance and irrationality because of tragedies, their initial up bringing or traumatic events such as a car crash, divorce, constant infighting between the father and the spouse or it might have been a terrible accident that they met with sometime in their lives.

These reasons constituted above are some of the main reasons for these dads not able to fulfill their basic duties and responsibilities in creating a sound atmosphere for their family members to lead a healthy and normal life.  These dads can also be ignorant right from the onset which might be also due to some undesirable influence in the early stages of their mental programming that might have caused an irreparable damage to their thinking ability.  Many of these men also go mad because of marital problems and constant fighting, bickering and quarrel that goes on between the members of the family which might have been the reason for them to lose it completely and can be possibly attributed to the role of marriage in our society, which is not a fairy tale for everyone as it is portrayed in movies and television media. The husband and wife should not keep quarreling, especially in front of their kids and should get their act together in order to holding up their end of the bargain that they vowed to keep up during the wedding ceremony.

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Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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