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In this post we want to:

  1. invite you to make a real difference
  2. share a recommendation from Mia.
  3. give you some options for what to read next.
  4. share updates on our writing projects.
  5. offer something special for UK readers ONLY.
  6. send final thoughts.

We Say We Want Feedback, but …  

Folks often say they want feedback, but most people really mean that they want people to say nice things to them.

Of course we do want people to say nice things to us provided we are deserving.

Nice, but undeserved words are just flattery. And both the giver and receiver, if they are honest, go away feeling empty.

In this newsletter we, Mia and I, want to invite you to be real and give feedback.

We hang out with other authors.

There’s a link below from about 15 authors who are giving away free copy of their books. There is no asking, but to be sure, they’d definitely appreciate an honest review. 

You need not even read the whole book to get an idea of whether the book can be recommended.

  1. Are you hooked? 
  2. Can’t wait to read more? 
  3. Are the characters engaging? 
  4. Can you look forward to the sequel?

Do tell, do tell.


We offered to give away five copies of our newest audiobook in our previous newsletter, no strings attached.

Missed the offer? Click to claim and listen to = > The Heliuna Academy.

We gave away many more than 5 and hoped for an honest review though not required. It was a gift.

So far, one person was kind enough to listen and review it. Thanks!! We can only hope for more.

Ella Thompson, a junior in Washington state did a terrific job as our narrator. 

We think you and the young people in your life will enjoy it. Click on the image below.

Recommendations from Mia

Hello everyone!

I’m back from my trip (which was very fun) and have another song recommendation from a new singer and songwriter that I love.

I love the creativity and how I can feel the emotions behind the songs, behind every word.

This week is Sugar Rush by Addison Grace!

Here’s a link for pretty much all streaming platforms and their social media!

I really hope you enjoy this week’s song, and the joy that it brings me comes to you! 



Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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