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In this article we want to:

  1. extend our special invitation one more time to join 100 other readers.
  2. provide a link for Canadians ONLY!
  3. Share a recommendation from Mia.
  4. give you some options for what to read next.
  5. get your take on audiobooks
  6. send updates on our writing projects.
  7. add final thoughts.

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Recommendations from Mia

Hello everyone!

My rec of the week (every other week? I dunno) is the artist Beach Bunny. I love their music and I hope you enjoy it too

It’s Beach Bunny! 



We Asked – You Answered

The question – Would you dye your hair blue like Mia did?

The results – 61% – Yep!

             39% – Nope.

And a few – “I love my white hair! I worked hard to get it this way.”

Have you ever listened to an audiobook?


I was really late to the audiobook party, but now I love them.

If You have NEVER tried an Audiobook you can get the 1st book for FREE at:

Start Here – US

Here – UK

Here – FR

Here – DE

Fall Reads!

Relax and choose from more than 100 books to read/listen to next.

Giving Away 30 Books

Grab any or all of these 30 books. 


Listen Instead!

Check out these audiobooks!!


Final thoughts:

Fall plans:

Is it Christmas yet?

Just kidding, just kidding. 

But Fall is just around the corner, as is cooler weather.

My (dad) birthday falls on the last day of summer (9/22).

The three days before my birthday (9/19-21) I will be in the Phoenix area attending a workshop.

Do you live in the Phoenix area? Drop by the workshop (<= click for info) and say hello! Seriously! Come by.

Mia is back to school full-time (8th grade).  

Over the summer she sneaked into the school and organized their library. She is now the de facto librarian and loves hanging out with books!

What do you have going on this Fall.

Do tell! Do tell!


Bill Belew

Daddy and Christian.

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