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In this newsletter, we want to:

  1. share an update on progress on The Floating City.
  2. Invite you to become an advanced reader of book 4 in the Growing Up Aimi Series. The title is The Floating City.
  3. say welcome to the new year by sharing 300+ options for what to read next.
  4. tell you my (dad’s) biggest weakness as a writer and how I compensate.
  5. Final thoughts.

The Floating City – Update

The Word count on the first draft of book 4 was 117,721 words.

Since our last newsletter, we have continued on in the second draft. The word count now is 130,518 words.

We are about one-fourth of the way through the second draft (first rewrite) and the manuscript has grown by 13,000 words. At this rate we can predict it will swell by another 39,000 words for a total of 169,000 words!

That’s about the same time as:

  • Hemingway’s – For Whom the Bells Toll 
  • Steinbeck’s – The Grapes of Wrath 
  • Tolkien’s –The Two Towers 
  • Rowling’s – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince 
  • CS Lewis’ first four books in the Chronicles of Narnia.

We may not be as well-known as those folks, but give us time, give us time.

You are invited to get first look and make a difference.  Keep Reading.

You are Invited to Become an Advance Reader

This is the last open invitation for a while to become an advance reader of our 4th book – The Floating City.

Synopsis: Aimi and her friends are on a worldwide Relic Chase. The teams are sponsored by high-tech companies wanting to overthrow the world’s most popular entertainment company. All the while, Aimi is being, ahem, advised by a Screwtape-like (let the reader understand) chaperone named Narci. The winning team can make a huge impact on how kids learn.

We are inviting you to read along AS Book 4 IS BEING WRITTEN and provide feedback.

For your efforts you will get:

1. first look at the various stages of the awesome cover we had created.

Did you know that our covers are HAND PAINTED? No kidding.

2. a free digital copy of the ebook (active pre-readers) when finished. You’ll see the difference you made.

3. consideration for being a character in this book or maybe a future book in the series. 

Please understand: we certainly cannot accept everyone who responds. After all, this newsletter goes out to over 2,000 people. But we will try if you do!



Parashu Shalgar

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